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Privacy Policy

January 22, 2024

1. Overview of Privacy Management

This document delineates our approach towards the handling of your personal data within this digital domain. Our endeavor is to harmonize our practices across the board, in line with prevailing data protection legislations, albeit acknowledging that nuances exist across different legal frameworks.
The stipulations herein are primarily informed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In territories where GDPR does not extend, the provisions of this guideline might not uniformly apply.


2. Data Governance Entity

Pursuant to GDPR's Article 4 (7), data governance lies with The Next Connect PTE.LTD, reachable at:
15 Beach Road #05-08 BEACH CENTRE, SINGAPORE (189677).


3. Data Processing Objectives

3.1 Digital Interaction and Outreach

Objective of Processing : Our digital presence is crafted to disseminate service-related information. A communication conduit via email link is available for direct interaction. The use of our site is permissible without submitting personal data; however, such limitations may restrict our interactive capabilities.


Nature of Data Processed : We engage in processing data such as email addresses, IP logs, time stamps, along with voluntarily offered details like names or phone numbers for communication purposes. Technical logs including site access specifics, browser details, and system information are maintained for operational enhancement.


Basis for Processing : The legal grounding for personal data handling is established under GDPR Article 6(1)(f), aimed at ensuring the seamless functioning of our website and facilitating access to information about our offerings.


Data Retention Duration : Personal data is held for the period necessitated by the interaction's nature or till the conclusion of the communication sequence initiated via the email link.


3.2 Electronic Correspondence

Purpose of Processing : We cater to inquiries regarding our services or potential employment opportunities through email, necessitating the collection of personal data for such correspondences.


Data Categories and Consent : The primary data processed for the aforementioned purpose is the email address, under the consent mechanism outlined in GDPR Article 6(1)(a).

Retention and Consent Withdrawal : Data pertaining to electronic messages is retained until such a time the giver of consent chooses to withdraw it, ceasing data processing activities thereafter.


3.3 Judicial Engagements

Purpose of Processing : Data essential for the conduct of legal proceedings, if necessary, is stored to facilitate its transfer to legal counsel and judicial bodies.

Data Categories and Legal Basis : Personal details such as names and addresses, in addition to information related to the legal matter at hand, are processed, rooted in the legitimate interests cited in GDPR Articles 6(1)(f) and 9(2)(f).


4. Recipients and Data Transfers 


Necessary personal data is shared with identified entities including service vendors and legal bodies as required, ensuring GDPR compliance for data transferred outside the EEA through safeguard measures like standard contractual clauses.


5. External Links and Social Media Interaction


Our platform hosts links to external sites and social media platforms, over which we exercise no control, urging users to review respective privacy policies.


6. Minors' Privacy

Our services are not designed for individuals under 18 years of age. We do not engage in knowingly collecting data from minors.


7.Automated Decision Making and Profiling

Our practices do not encompass automated decision-making or profiling activities as per GDPR stipulations.


8. Rights of Data Subjects

Individuals are entitled to various rights including access, rectification, deletion, and objections to data processing, with mechanisms in place for the exercise of these rights.


9.Policy Amendments

Any changes to our privacy practices will be communicated through this platform, ensuring our users are always informed.


10. Cookie Usage and Analytics

Our website's use of cookies is aimed at enhancing user experience, categorized for clarity and compliance. Analytical tools like Google Analytics are employed to gather insights on site usage, with provisions for opting out to protect user privacy.


11. Legal Compliance and Disclaimers

We commit to the accuracy of information and adherence to legal requirements, with specific notations regarding data permanence in decentralized networks.

This revision maintains the essence of the original Privacy Policy while adjusting its structure and terminology to reflect a unique document.

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