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We are Perme

We believe in a decentralized future. It makes returns data ownership and control to users. Guided by this vision, PERME is building a protocol that facilitates the seamless mass adoption of Web3 by Web2 services.


Our mission advances digital life worldwide through the power of decentralized solutions and building collaborative networks. Read more

​Our Philosophy

We’re making open protocols and developing a data protocol. Our projects are focused on personal data because we want everyone in the economy to have a safe digital life: individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments.


Anyone with the capacity to contribute: can. We proactively welcome a diverse contributor base for our code, documentation, developer relations, education, and communication efforts. Bad actors will be met with a published governance model and enforced code of conduct. Our users deserve representation in our development communities, and we promote varied perspectives and respectful debate.


Decision-making is open by default, with rare exceptions for security, compliance, personnel, or other sensitive issues. Projects under Perme's stewardship will conduct design, roadmap, issues, bugs, and code reviews in public. This is critical for accountability and promoting the inclusive environment necessary for project success.


Projects need a well-defined scope to succeed. They also need accessible, comprehensive documentation, a stellar Getting Started experience, and well-defined expectations. Perme fosters an environment built for contribution without personal intervention. New partners should be able to follow the project status on their own without additional explanation.

The Perme protocol is our first system. The protocol pulls together web2 and web3 services : 


With DID identity verification as the lowest point, Multimeta's own Layer2 solutions such as VAULT, BFS, and PDS implement the user's lowest decentralized privacy and implement the Web3 data ecosystem, and plan to spread to various categories of business by providing an integrated interface.

Our Protocol

Why Perme​ ?

Perme's decentralized privacy data network provides Web3 developers with a collection of features that make it possible to build scalable Web3 applications with composable data that can be reused and shared across applications.

Mutable privacy data 

Perme provides partners with a set of standard, open APIs for storing, updating, and retrieving data from the network. This helps to break down data silos. Additionally, all data mutations on Perme are cryptographically verifiable and can provide auditability throughout all historical versions of a piece of data that has changed over time.

Sign in with Web3

Perme uses the decentralized identifier (DID) standard for user accounts, which are compatible with all blockchain wallets. When using Perme in your application, users can authenticate with the Web3 wallets they already have, and can even control the same Perme account from multiple different blockchain wallets (cross-chain) if they'd like. Data models are typically account-centric, meaning that every user is in control of their own data.


Developer Experience

Building composable applications with Web3 data on Perme is easy. Install Perme, plug these models into your app, and automatically get access to all data stored on the network that conforms to those data models. The community is constantly creating new tooling that make it easier to build, and expand what's possible with composable data.

Data composability

Data on Perme is structured and stored in data models, which can be easily reused by different applications to share data between them.  Data models typically represent a single, logical application feature such as a user profile, user activity, or social network information. Developers typically combine user data models to create their application.

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